Maverick Royalty Consulting Services

Geological Consulting Services
Oil and Gas Drilling Prospects

Maverick Royalty is under the direction of R.S. "Bud" Johnson, a Texas Licensed Petroleum Geologist.

Our principal goal is to provide in-house oil and gas prospects for in-industry oil and gas operating companies. Operations are available on some projects but we do have a standalone operating company. Prospects are primarily in the 2000 to 6500 foot range in the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin (generally San Angelo to Abilene, Texas area). Please see Prospects & Consulting (In-Industry) or contact us directly for a current list of Prospects.

Second we provide Petroleum Consulting Services. We can provide anything from a simple evaluation to drilling an entire well on your behalf (within the Eastern Shelf). Please see our Productivity Estimators page for information on our Advanced Mud Log Evaluation Manual.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Bud Johnson, Geologist